The place where wine is a Family tradition

Winery ROLFO is located in a tipycal area, rich in tradition, history and production of wine.

The territory of Cisterna d'Asti is surrounded by hills and it is located between the province of Cuneo and Asti on the right side of Tanaro river.

All around there are the provinces of Asti and Turin, sloping down to the Tanaro valley. The landscape is one of deep and uninterrupted valleys that create a triangle from Alba to Cisterna d'Asti and other towns or villages, whose economy is based on developed agricultural and viticultural activities.

The soil is sandy and dry, particularly suitable for the cultivation of grapevines and fruit trees.

Roero's territory is full of culture, tradition and medieval history.

Every hill has its own castle, thus towers and ruins are proud witnesses of an ancient, powerful and attractive nobility.

Moreover, tourists can graps the ideal union between nature and winegrowing, totally in harmony with modern architecture adopted in the last centuries.

Thanks to the producers' devotion and their unchanging traditions, wine founded here a perfect habitat.